Yazoo County Baptist Association

A small Indian tribe known as the Yazoo formerly living on the lower course of Yazoo River.

The Yazoo were related to several other tribes, the most important of which was the Tonica.

In 1699 Father Antone Davion, of the Catholic Quebec Seminary of Foreign Missions, established a mission among the Tonica, reaching out to the Yazoo and other tribes as well. The Yazoo, were under the influence of the English traders from Carolina, and in 1702 rebelled against the French missionaries causing Father Davion to temporarily withdrawn.

In 1718 the French established a garrison near the village St. Pierre to command the river. A young Jesuit Priest, Jean Rouel, reestablished the Yazoo mission, near the French post. Jean Rouel remained at the mission until  the outbreak of the Natchez war in 1729, when the Yazoo and other area aligned themselves with the Natchez Indians in their fight against the French.

On 28 November 1729 the Natchez attacked the French garrison in at Natchez  killing several hundred persons, including the Jesuit Father Paul Du Poisson. On 11 December, 1729 Father Rouel and those with him were attacked.

Because of their participation of the destruction of the French settlement at Natchez, a remnant of the Yazoo Indians fled to the Chickasaw nation. Those that remained became a part of the Choctaw nation.

It is not known what influences these early missionary efforts had among the Yazoo tribes. Those that served among them has a heart for the lost and a desire to carry out the Great Commission of Mathew 28:18-20. May we be as courageous.